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Report - Former Magistrates Court, Bristol- Feb 13


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Visited with Seffy, whodareswins and end-proc

A fun night this was. Was good too see everyone again and after some reunion drinks at spoons we set off to this site. Was an enjoyable explore and very spooky at night too! Was great seeing all the court rooms, jail cells etc and made for some wicked light paintings.

After some improvisational climbing we headed straight to the rooftop (which proved harder than it did for those who had been before!) we chilled there for a bit, views were okay, had good view of the street art project in Brizzle' which was cool. Stayed there for fair bit in the end actually and got a few snaps. Then we mazed about the building checking out all it had to offer and setting up some cool shots in the court rooms.

anyway im not great with putting all the history and stuff so il quote it from Seffys report from last year

The existing courthouse in Nelson Street was designed in the 1960's, but due to delays in construction, was not opened until the early 1970's. It was originally built with eight courtrooms with an additional court for youth/family work in nearby Bridewell Street housed below the Central Probation Offices. These soon proved inadequate for the increased workload and an additional courtroom was added in the main building by converting a meeting room together with an additional courtroom being added in the Youth Court by converting some waiting rooms. However, there were still constraints in adequately dealing with the increased workload because of the lack of secure custody courts.
Due to the design of the building, it was not possible to increase the number of courts with direct access to the custody area or to comply with modern standards such as disabled access, seperate entrances etc and, therefore, a need was identified for a modern purpose built building to serve the population of the City of Bristol in the 21st Century.
all my interior shots were taken in the court rooms really as I was doing a lot of filming for my next urbex montage.







Cheers for looking guys, seffy and co. maybe add your pics from the night?