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Report - Former RAF Acaster Malbis Aug 13


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Visit more for a mooch than an explore, love old airfields and the importance of them in history, unfortunatly, alot are now like this site, derilict and lost to time and nature.
alot of buildings lay scattered about the area, but the thing that got me the most with this site, was the control tower is still standing.

The site was opened in1942 and closed in 1946, the short life of this station was due to the river running very close to the perimeter of the airfield, and the stations low elivation, meant it constantly had problems with mist and fog, when it closed in 46 the road that used to run across the airfield before it was built was reopened and the tower converted to a house.

the house bit explains the timber framing in the pictures, which had me thrown when i visited, 'just didnt look right'

not sure when the house was vacated but it must have beed a good few years ago looking at the state of the place, but still a sturdy building, also the SS mark on the wall i asume is someones attempt at humor ? of more recent times.

RAF Acaster Malbis opened under 12 Group, Fighter Command as a satellite for RAF Church Fenton. In January 1941, 601 Squadron (Bell P-39 Airacobra, coded UF) arrived and was the only front-line squadron to serve there.
In 1943 the station was transfered to 4 group bomber command, but was doomed before it started due to the mist and fog.
For a brief period in 1944, the site was used by both No 4 Aircrew Training School and 91 MU, who managed the storage of bombs on the airfield and nearby woods.
The station finally closed to flying in 1946, between 1947 and 1957 the site was used by the RAF Maintenance Command, and was finally decommissioned in 1963 and sold off, between the mid 70's and mid 80's the site was used by private light aircraft.

there is alot more to look at on this site, when i get more time, alot is in fields away from the old site and fenced off as industrial sites, or buried under heaps of brambles and trees, I will return at a later date to look at more, but for now it was just the tower and old fire tender shed.




old boot scrape outside the main door














Fire tender shed


This was also my last splore with my Bridge before i got my dslr, nice mooch and plenty to see if you have the time and an os map, its spread out pretty far.

thanks for looking


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I just noticed this place on G**glearth and plan a trip soon, pics to follow!!


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Hi. Great pics. Local to me. The watch office was never a house though, it was a business premises for a while pre 2000.

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