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Report (Permission Visit) Fort Bessoncourt, Belfort, France - June 2019


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The fort was built in 1886 after the Franco Prussian war to defend the Belfort gap from the new German frontier. There are around 20 forts in this area, some still in military use some private and 'out of bounds' and some owned by the local community. We thought we would get a look around an open one to get the general layout ready for an explore of some of the other forts another time. the fort is in pretty good order and has been modernised with additional concrete added. The Capponiers have been removed and counterscarps added to defend the dry moat. This for is now owned by the community of Bessoncourt and open on Sundays. Bring some literature in English as the guides only speak French but a really helpful bunch and were happy to get into most places. The subterranean part is closed as they are trying to stabilise the tunnels.

The Fort Bessoncort was also called Fort Senarmont after a French General


Looking back to the entrance and the former drawbridge a railway supplied ammunition and materials

20190616_152012 (1).jpg

The lower tunnels to move around safety during battle

20190616_153108 (1).jpg

One of the magazines

Counterscarp on the outside of the moat from the top of the fort

Entrance to the fort from the Couterscarp covered by a diamond ditch

Climb back into the fort

One of the underground water cisterns still working

Top of the fort, with the peace barracks and the added concrete protection

Magazine for one of the gun turrets