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Fort & Bunker Magazine


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Firstly a big thanks to Oxygen Thief for passing on the publisher's email to me.

Fort & Bunker is a quarterly publication in Sweden that deals, surprisingly enough, with forts, bunkers and other associated structures. There's also bits on other military-related stuff as well. (You'll have to bear with me, Scandanavian languages are not a area of expertise of mine :)). Of course, we all know from Benkar's posts on here what mental bunkers they have in Sweden

The owner asked if I could supply some of the images of the tank turrets I found in the bunkers in Greece last summer.


This is the result. (I'm well chuffed) :D


A scan of the current issue's cover as well


Here is a link to the magazine itself.


If you Google bunker.nu, you can get a Google translation of the site. They do a weekly newsletter, that has some really interesting stuff on it


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