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Report - Fort Gilkicker 7/8/2016


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28DL Full Member
This was our second visit of the day (after getting caught by security at Haslar). This is quite a nice place.. ignoring the youngsters in there throwing stuff around, trying to make us jump and just generally being trouble makers! There was scaffolding inside so it seems it will being re-developed or having work done soon. There is some underground tunnels here but we didn't have torches on us so it was far too dark.

Some history: The current Fort Gilkicker was constructed between the years 1863 and 1869 at Stokes Bay, Gosport. Its purpose was to defend the deep water anchorage at Spithead and to protect the western approach to Portsmouth harbour. The fort was begun by a contractor who failed in November 1863 early in the stages of the construction and a renowned civil engineer, John Towlerton Leather who was already involved in the construction of the great sea forts at nearby Spithead, was asked to complete the Fort at Gilkicker. His yard was nearby at Stokes Bay, the site of which eventually became the Stokes Bay Submarine Mining Establishment. The new Fort Gilkicker was conceived as a curvilinier fort for twenty six guns on one level firing through armoured embrasures with a barrack closing the rear. It faced in a more easterly direction that its predecessor and its principal role was to direct fire on Sturbridge Shoal and to the flanks were to bear upon Spithead and Stokes Bay. The design for the fort was altered slightly and it was completed in 1871 for twenty two guns in casemates with five heavier guns in open positions on the roof.The estimated cost of Fort Gilkicker in 1869 was £61,395, the actual cost on completion being £58,766.









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