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Report - Fort Gilkicker, Gosport - April 2019

Chloe Explores

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I know this place has been done way too many times on here and other sites.... however I really wanted to check it out for myself. Anything to do with the military really really interests me. The fact that military and abandoned was combined for this explore was absolutely perfect for me. After doing some mad locations in the area with my boyfriend we ended up here last. The access was somewhat of a mission but a real laugh for both of us. We walked around the whole site to find a gap in the fence, to then walking up to a trampled down fence that led us to a steep hill that we ran up. We then squeezed under a very small gap in the fence and we were on the top of the fort. It was a lovely afternoon so the views were really lovely! When we first arrived the skies were blue full of clouds and then around the time of us leaving the sky started to go grey which made some really nice shots! It really is a shame to see this place in such a state, people have trashed it. The tunnels really are cool if you like that kind of explore! There so many different rooms that have really interesting fireplaces plotted around! There is a part of the fort that is a big building. In there we found a whole bedroom made by a homeless person. I insisted to my boyfriend that we explore at least some of this building which I’m really glad we did because I got a rough idea of what the rest of the building would’ve looked like after doing around half of it. The floors are absolutely dreadful, The staircase wobbles and creaks when you walk up it.... most of it actually you would have to explore from the downstairs but what didn’t help was that we had a time limit of how long we could be here so we just decided to leave the rest of the building as it would be very similar to the part that we explored. Also not forgetting the fact that we didn’t know if there was a whole load of people hiding in the other part possibly living there to. When we left the building my boyfriend spotted a homeless woman in the room. We saw a family just walking around the site. Nonetheless a really interesting explore!

History - Taken from another thread :)

The Fort, a Grade II* Listed Building and Scheduled Ancient Monument, is a unique piece of Victorian engineering and of immense importance to the history of coastal defence in the United Kingdom.

Fort Gilkicker is a ‘Palmerston’ Fort, so called because it was commissioned in the 19th century by the then Prime Minister, Lord Palmerston, as a gun battery to protect the waters around Portsmouth, which was the most important deep sea anchorage in the British Empire, from the threat of invasion.

Built on the site of the earlier Fort Monckton Auxiliary Battery, construction commenced in 1863 and was completed in 1871. It consisted of 22 gun emplacements in a semi-circular series of granite-faced casemates designed to sweep the approaches to Portsmouth harbour with devastating gun fire.

Fort Gilkicker was stood down in 1956 when Coastal Defence was abolished.

















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This place can’t decide whether it wants to be derelict or a block of flats.


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This was my first spot to explore now that I’ve finally decided to try it out. Mad site. I live locally which helps. Amazing pictures

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