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Report - Fort Hidden In The Woods


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Built in 1864 by the Royal Commission, this fort forms a link between a line of forts. It was built to provide protection of the rail and road links between the line of forts local to it. By 1902 most of the land front forts were stood down as defensive structures and their armament, including this fort, was withdrawn. It then continued to serve as a barrack until the conclusion of the second world war. The fort became surplus to requirements in 1965 when it was sold by the Ministry of Defence in 1974, leaving the main buildings used today as an industrial estate, and leaving most of the outbuildings left to decay.

Getting to this location was easy, with a small forest surrounding the buildings, we just walked through some tree's. After spotting some pillars, we knew we were heading in the right direction. After climbing up a hill, there was some fences which were completely demolished. Pushed down and all the wire cut. Through there was what seemed to be a roof of a building that we were walking on, covered in graffiti, and a tunnel system that was blocked off by old heavy iron gates. Leaving that part we walked through the woods some more to find random scattered concrete barriers and brick tunnels all around. We walked through the tunnels but not much to see apart from some more graffiti and some old signs that read "dangerous". There also was a square hole near by the tunnels, it was a big enough gap to climb through so we did. It looked like a bunker, completely enclosed with no doors. However it was clear to see that it was a local "drug den" probably due to such easy access and protection.
Everywhere in this location was stripped bare, and just seemed to be shells of what the buildings once were. It was a nice find, however it is always sad to see how some local people have no respect for the sights or the history behind it.












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nice place this, but before you get jumped on by other members could you correct the title to be in the correct format please.

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