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Report - Fort Pitt Tunnels - November 2020

Nesha Adams

28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member
Great local explore the other night at Fort Pitt.

After many years of researching and going out searching for an entry point, we had received a message about the location.

The fort itself was designed with red brick walls, a 15ft moat (defence ditch) and a bastion on each edge of the fort. It was also, constructed (a few years after it began as a military hospital) between 1805 and 1819. It originally would of contained many buildings - that are now demolished - including: a large blockhouse, designed to shelter/hold 500 men; a main tower; and two outlying towers, both on a different flank, one called 'Delce' and the other 'Gibraltar''. It soon after got armed with ; cannons; and carronades, to help defend Chatham.

At the end of the Napoleonic wars - 1828 - it got reverted to a hospital for invalid soldiers and soon after (approximately 32 years later) I believe it was in the year of 1860 it became the home of the first army medical school, and was run by Florence Nightingale.

The Fort Pitt tunnel system I was fortunate enough to explore was designed with: two (twin) magazines; connecting corridors; a passage way; and a red brick, arched roof. It was used as magazines and I believe that it was also used as air raid, for the all girls school nearby.

Overall, it was a fantastic explore and a big thanks to everyone involved and for taking us it was much appreciated :)

Now for some photos:





sorry for my last post on this place didn't know how to post pictures at the time haha :)


Weirdy Beardy
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Glad you got to see it and thanks again for putting things back as you found them. Think this ones over with now. :thumb

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