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Video Report - Forum (ABC) Cinema, Liverpool - posh documentary trailer & pics!


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28DL Full Member
I know nobody likes video reports much, but I hopefully this is a bit different!

Back in March we were in the old Forum Cinema in Liverpool (us and about 6 million other intrepid explorers, judging by all the fucking pictures online :D). Once we got inside, we decided it'd be fun to make a little exploring video...which somehow has ended up expanding into a 30 minute movie complete with voiceovers, historical research, a bespoke score etc. It's amateur as fuck, all filmed handheld on my DSLR with a single torch for lighting, but a little editing goes a long way ;)

It'll be another week or two until we finish the damn thing, so we shoved some footage together to make a trailer. There's even a nice piano piece written specially, the melody popped into my head while editing the photos. It's very dark and moody, think it suits the place though.

I swear the actual full-length thing isn't so serious and moody - it's mostly two idiots doing stupid 1930s voices and trying the call the sex hotlines in 1990s newspapers. Exhibit B:

I hope you guys find this more interesting than the usual 'gopro walking around footage with shitty metal background music' urbex videos, anyway.

Oh, and a few snaps for the family album:








Thanks for looking!



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28DL Full Member
great report; whats a good time in the day for an explore there buddy.
As far as I know the place is sealed up tight now, sorry. Supposedly Neptune are rebuilding it as a music venue/TV studio but frankly I think it's pie in the sky. Keep an eye on things I guess.

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