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Question - Found an Abandoned Dam, What shall I take, Leads Underground


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So me and a few mates accidently made a wrong turn when exploring up in the highlands and we found this big dam, This dam is in the middle of no where up a long dirt road, At the top is a big ass loch with a dam, The dam is abandoned smashed windows and has a bridge that you need to cross but gates locked and blocking it, we decided to climb along side the bridge and tried the doors to enter surprisingly there unlocked. I have searched this forum for the dam and nothing shows up and have searched the internet its been abandoned / non working now for 7 years.

In the room we managed to get in there's a trap door, at the time we had 1 glow stick in our bags and are cameras seen as we were looking for an abandoned manor house but got side tracked. We threw the glow stick down and it went quite far, around 3 stories, The dam is queit large on the outside and seems to have a few tunnels under the loch, Also in the room there where harness straps with the harness crane thing above the trap door, The question is do we explore it or not?

I know we need to take torches because its leading underground and was very dark looking down, we are taking phones, film cameras and photography cameras what else would be needed?

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