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Report - Fox Bros. Tonedale Mill, Wellington June 2015


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I had waited a loooong time to see this one. I had paid numerous visits to the Dye House part down the road but had never managed to crack the main portion of the mill owing to the security/dogs/CCTV camera presence. However I got word that at the end of May that year the on site security had departed and so a trip to Wellington was very quickly organised as I didn't know if this would be a permanent thing or not. Thankfully on arrival the word was true and there was no security present at all, and we had the run of the place for a few hours one lovely summer morning. Tone Mills down the road has more left inside but it was all about the engine house here, it's one of the most fantastic spaces I've ever stepped foot in.

Tonedale Mill was the largest mill complex in southwest England. After Fox Bros. purchased the Tonedale site the older Tone Mills became what was used as the fulling/dye works for the company. Both parts closed in the early 2000s, and regeneration work at Tonedale was stopped in 2008 because of the financial crash - but work has since started up again in the last year or so.

Thanks for looking :)​


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Thorougly enjoyed this place when I visited a few years ago - great set of photos, glad you made it. I have seen photos of an extra room of equipment, but I have never figured out which building it was in. I think on of the two central buildings that looked empty to me :oops:


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One of Somerset's little gems this, and so close to another famous derp too. Who could ask for more! Decent set of pictograms dude.