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Report - Foxdenton Drain, (again) - Sept 2013.


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Foxdenton Drain, (again)

Woodburner was in the area and fancied a look at some local drains, we agreed Foxdenton and A.N Other as it's one he hadn't seen

He tried to prise Bnugle away from his PC but it wasn't happening, lazy dog touching yorkshire bastard he is :p:

My camera threw it's hand in again, so only managed a few shots, still I've been many times before so no stress was just good to get out more than anything

The drain itself is nothing too special, the traversable section here a 7ft round brick pipe which culverts the Wince Brook underneath and beyond the nearby treatment works for around 370m

Note, the d/s section is impassable :eek:

From the infall, a 3m manhole with missing step irons and lid


Some 100m down a junction

WB guards the manhole whilst I inspect the surface drain that suddenly started to spew out

..Oh yeah forgot to mention it was pissing down outside!


It's not as silted as it used to be d/s these day's, at the point in which the drain passes underneath the WwTW above ground


Round the bend the unmistakable roar as the effluent is discharged back into the brook

Rubber Dinghy rapids I think not!


We didn't hang about as the level rose a good 2ft in less than 10 mins which I have never encountered in here before

Anyway, the final treated output is pumped via a large backwash tank situated in the heart of the works, it's quite impressive really

Here is a pic from a few years back now to get an idea of what's going on


A pretty reasonable mooch and not a :turd in sight​

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