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28DL Full Member
Hello all, over the past month we have had repeated break in's at the submarine with padlocks being cut and entrances being left open etc ,thankfully no damage caused inside the submarine just lots of river bank mud everywhere and some smashed glass, after the last time ( 2 weeks ago) we welded the entrance closed which we felt was necessary even though very inconvenient for us , last night I received a call from a local boat owner who had his tender stolen ( happened last month as well ) and he informed me that the local pub have again seen people on the submarine over the weekend , we have just been to the sub and have discovered that once again someone has tried their best to break in but thankfully they forgot to bring a cutting torch! .

I have informed the river police and the port authority as have the now nervous & angry local boat owners , if on your travels you hear of anyone planning an uninvited trip to the submarine ( or if you know the people that have been breaking in even better) please could you inform them that it is not wise thing to do.

Many thanks for your help

John Sutton
Foxtrot Submarine

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