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Video Report - Frank Stone Carpets - Kidderminster - August 2017

Jake Alan Craig

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We found this place just by cycling around Kidderminster, which is how we find a lot of our places. Me and cam make a plan to go to a specific town and on the journey there, be it by bike or train, we keep an eye out for anything with boards. But now to the point, Kidderminster is famous for its carpets, so we decided to check out this abandoned carpet factory, and there was some pretty interesting stuff still left in the place. Unfortunately, as of me writing this (07/03/2018), The place has been boarded up again, and I think someone might have bought the place, don't hold me to that tho.



Cam posing, as usual, we went back here a couple times after we filmed purely to take photos.

This is Joe, another Lad who 'sometimes' (rarely) comes exploring with us anymore.

Now, Im not surprised that they left the safe in here, or in any other places that ive been to. Have you ever tried to move a s

There was even an old ish typewriter.





There was even a really old hoover (vacuum cleaner), Id never actually seen one like this in person before, and still in really good condition.

And the Medical Room was full of little hidden treasures too:


This Photo was taken on Joe's Phone and uploaded to Instagram, so i stole it from there, Here is me and cam investigating the med supplies.
76477E11-B0AE-4223-9A36-CAADFAA0F65C cropped.png

I LOVE these old lifts, with the metal grates accross them, Id love to go in one that still works some day.


Upstairs: I love that the old rolls for the carpet to be rolled onto where still in here as well.

We even found some old tins of paint

Now on to my favourite part about this whole place, This menacing looking boiler:



Time for the electronics:





I can only post 30 photos but i have soo many more, mabey at somepoint ill upload another set, but until then, Enjoy your exploring, and stay safe explorers.
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Am I missing something? All I can see is a well written report with some decent pics yet everyone seems to be taking the piss?

Some might say that the constant belittling and bullying that goes on whenever anyone so much as clicks on a YouTube video is more of an cancer on exploration than those videos ever will be.


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Am I missing something?
Well it looks like you may not be aware that Jake tends to hang about with some of the now infamous GoonTube brigade and stick a load of videos online, flouting access and burning sites, exploring with fighters and such types.

I agree the report is well put together and I actually like it and welcome it.

I have a few concerns which I will take up via PM with him this evening, but this sort of stuff is fine in this format.

@Exploring with Jake we do have a separate group for videos to keep them away from the main forum, again I will message you later rather than clutter this thread.

I've cleaned this one up now, and I have no issues with anyone posting decent content as long as it remains that way :thumb

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@clebby it's the association with the clickbait arses like Exploring with Fighters and other high-calibre goons that quite happily burn access etc just for a few likes. What's wrong with calling those idiots out?


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@clebby it's the association with the clickbait arses like Exploring with Fighters and other high-calibre goons that quite happily burn access etc just for a few likes. What's wrong with calling those idiots out?
Don't get me wrong I find Exploring with Fighters just as repulsive as the next guy, and there's nothing wrong with calling out his lot when they're causing harm. Doesn't mean I support snide comments, tired jokes and silly gifs aimed in the general direction of anyone remotely associated with them. Anyway, surely it's in your interest to 'convert' these people so-to-speak? Does putting them down even if they post up a decent report really help our cause?

I will say that a few months back I removed myself from that tedious and recursive 'exploring with cUnTs' facebook group. It amuses me that the selfsame people who come on here to whine about how 'fractured' the community is becoming will happily go on there and utterly destroy someone like Helen Hollywood for daring to post a YouTube video. So fucking what if she wants to go to Denbigh and stick a video up? Why should a bunch of strangers on the internet be allowed to leer over her and post nasty shit behind her back? I'd understand if she stuck up a video of her scuba diving into Dungeness power station, but how does a video of Denbigh harm us?

My point is, if you want to call the idiots out, be my guest. Make it constructive though. If every time one of them tries to ingratiate themselves with us it just turns into a massive circlejerk, you're only going to push them further away.