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Report - Fraser Range, Eastney, 7/2/16


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This was our 3rd location of the day, we got there and it was pretty dead, easy entry, however not much in there apart from collapsed ceilings and a lot of graffiti. Was still a nice little visit though, if you're in that direction it's worth dropping by, but to be brutally honest I wouldn't make it the main trip of the day, there'll be nothing left soon.

Some history: The close relationship of Eastney and nautical gunnery dates back to 1859 when Fort Cumberland became the headquarters of the Royal Marine Artillery and a Sea Service training battery was set up to the west of the common. In the period 1924-37, the foreshore in front of the fort was used for searchlight and sound locator training, pier building and landing craft development. Fraser Range seems to have been established either around this time or shortly afterwards and is clearly shown on aerial phtographs of 1946. It took its name (after 1945) from Admiral of the Fleet Baron Bruce Fraser of North Cape. The range, initially called Fleet Assessment Unit Fraser, specialised in training naval gunnery personnel in director sight firing.









I'm trying
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Great pictures. One of my favourite places when I've got nothing to do and I'm back home.
I had a wander round here the other day, it's sad to see such all the nice bits of the place being destroyed so much.

Sarah Loake

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Hi, just wondering how you entered easily? Been down today and there is lots of new looking fencing and no obvious entry points...walked away annoyed as we really wanted to explore!!

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