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Report - Fraser Range Eastney/May2013


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Hello there!

This is my first ever report and my first ever visit to any site!

Please do let me know if I have made any errors and I will immediately rectify my mistake! Any comments or criticisms will be greatly received. I am a novice and quite aware that my pictures will be below average compared to some of the awesome shots on here. :laugh

I don't have a professional camera and all my shots in this report have been taken on a Samsung Galaxy Note, except for one picture of the outside which was taken on Samsung Galaxy Ace. (As we left, I suddenly remembered that I had stupidly forgot to take a picture of the outside, and the other phone had died so I had to improvise!) :-)

The Fraser Gunnery Range, formally known as HMS Saint George, was originally owned by the MOD. It specialized in training naval gunnery personnel in director sight firing and later was used for radar research. It is now owned by QinetQ, who want to turn the site into housing, thus far they have been unsuccessful, but eventually and unfortunately something's got to give. (Well, not the nudists!)
The site was also used as a Dr Who set, but I'm sure you all know that! The range has been completely derelict for some years and as a result has fallen to the vandals and gypsys.

Word of advice. Wear decent footwear! Broken glass, poo and dead pigeons are rife inside the buildings.

The report!

We (myself and 3 other non-members) had been talking about some old stories from when the range was still in operation. So we decided to take a little visit. The weather was miserable, so we hoped that would keep away any other visitors. The good news was that the range was phenomenal! The bad news was that we were followed in by a group of what seemed like sensible teenagers... Or little devils (to put it politely) which they turned out to be! Much to our disgust they started smashing windows, knocking things over on the rooftops and generally made themselves huge beacons to the housing estate and anyone passing by. We got into a few out buildings and the main middle one, but unfortunately called it a day after the teenagers knocked a satellite from one of the buildings, narrowly missing one of our group and before they attracted unwanted attention! Fantastic place though, can't wait to go back!

On with the pictures! :-)


This building is rife with old training rooms and blackboards that have creepy writing on them (Caused by other visitors I'm sure). Lot's of interesting things to be seen!


Could someone please enlighten me on what this strange thing is?


And this?! :confused


One of the many black boards. We found it quite funny that the two doors are locked. :laugh


Has anyone ventured down these ladders? We didn't want to chance using them on this occasion!


A projection room I think?


Red room! Red room! The famous shot. It's amazing how vividly red this room actually is! My favourite!

Thank you for looking!

Emz x


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