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FREE London film screening of Whole Train Wednesday, 29 February 2012

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FREE London film screening of Whole Train Wednesday, 29 February 2012

I wasn't going to post this but as ive posted arty stuff before i though it may be of interest to some.

Just a heads up really.

This is not a discussion. Just a heads up really. Some people wont get this but then some people don't get this ( U.E. ) For those that do, this is for you.

Im not really up on the subject but i do have a bit of respect for the concept and sometimes even the delivery. Hense why im posting this.

For others. ......

Everyone has seen graffiti. The more built up an area, the more transport links the more people = more people writing their name or painting/posting images on publicly viewable surfaces, its been going on since the dawn of time.

The concept of leaving your mark either in or on society/local or wider community will prevail for ever in every way.

I have a bit of respect for people who do graff as they risk so much because generally the act of doing it is illegal and some times the places they do it, even their presence in those spaces is illegal. Sometimes the combination of the two make the very clear statement that they are willing to risk so much in pursuit of their hobby, more than most. ( especially Train writers )

The act is, paint/ink on a surface.

The common factor is risk and sometimes constant and VERY big risks with very big consequences. People have died, been robbed, beaten, raided, etc and spilling blood, sweat and emotions is common practice. This is a gathering of people interested in the subject.

Anyway the event is here.

Its FREE, its at 93 feet east. Brick Lane , London

the trailer is here.

Its likely to be a far a broader crowd than this event. The first person in this is a london actor Nick Nevern

you may recognise Nick Nevern from things like this ( scene of a sexual nature in this clip NSFW )

Best not take a camera or a load of graffiti related products lol

Slight tangent but Here is another example. Funny one. Quality bit of journalism lol.

Have a look at the top of the tower block in question in the above video. Now compare it to this shot. http://www.flickr.com/photos/58922316@N05/5820680265/in/photostream Look familiar ;)

More bumf below===================================

This year sees the return of the boombap!
TRACKSIDE BURNERS are proud to present a night of Audio Visual hip hop culture. Featuring a London screening of critical acclaimed award winning underground graffiti film from Florian Gaag "WHOLETRAIN" (soundtrack features KRS ONE, Artifacts, Afu Ra, Planet Asia and many more musicians who have original graffiti foundations and a love of the culture. WHOLETRAIN is a cutting edge, emotionally gripping drama and critically acclaimed award winning film. Edgy editing and grandiloquent camera work, a pulsating soundtrack and excellent ensemble of actors make this a film experience not to be missed. Writers such as NEON, WON, CEMNOZ, PURE and CIEL were responsible for the artwork in the film.

Official Sponsors: GLOBAL FACTION

Here to showcase with a selection of choice cuts of audio visual videos are GLOBAL FACTION. We are honored with them blessing the night with uncut raw truth. They are an innovative digital media production house formed in 2006. They focus on working with conscious artists in order to produce a visual experience that facilitates the sharing of ideas and the stimulation of thought. All of their current work is in HD and shot Guerrilla style. Get ready to see, hear and catch their work on the night.


DJs representing on the night: DJ SNUFF & DJ PHILLY


No intros needed. 20+ years in Hip-Hop, with roots in DJing for major international Bboy tournaments, pirate radio [ItchFM], being resident DJ at the legendary 'Deal Real' Open Mic in central London, being the one-man-gang behind the UK's leading Hip-Hop platform 'Speakers Corner', a father of the infamous international Hip-Hop community 'End Of The Weak' that now spans the globe, an artist with the 'Trinity' team alongside King Tubby's Sound System, Mad Professor & more, co-founder of 'The People's Army' & 'Equality Movement' with Logic & Lowkey, an international Hip-Hop youth work leader with 'Youth In Action', host of a regular video series with Globalfaction [Beats, Rhymes & Revolution], and an all round certified badman DJ. // Snuff keeps busy! From touring with Snoop Dogg and tearing it up with Afrika Bambaataa & DJ Premier to working regularly with artists as varied as Immortal Technique, Dead Prez, Hasan Salaam, Maverick Sabre, Akala, Rodney P & the best in established and emerging homegrown talent [including being official DJ with Hip-Hop group 'Caxton Press' & being the official scratch DJ with the 'Congo Natty' live band]. // Restless on the wheels with a raging talent & love for the culture, always digging, and always keeping it fresh with live DJ sets that energetically explore Hip-Hop's diasporic roots through world funk & innovative bass culture. Tune in.



DJ PHILLY represents a true appreciation of hip hop via his radio show Trackside Burners. First and foremost a hiphop fan. Wasted talent raised on Public Enemy, De La and Gunshot since he was 10 years old helped DJ philly have empowerment and enjoyment of creativity. // DJing not for himself but for the people. He is a crate digger, passing ideas & samples to his crews. Music is sharing. The more unity the better. Helping piece together his brothers from other mothers (Steady & Efeks) who subsequently formed PROSE. He is an honoree member of the Boom Bap professionals. // He wants to promote the artform simple & plain. // In a previous life he rocked chrome & black underground chambers making dirtstyle mixtapes with his crew CHANNEL ZERO (fellow DJ Dan Diego and graffiti writer KN0WN on the mic, drums & guitar) alongside a range of graff writers ripping the mics. // Opening DJ for The Perceptionists (DEF JUX), DJ Cash Money (DMC), Non Phixion (Uncle Howie), Atmosphere (Rhymesayers), High & the Mighty (Eastern Conference), PROSE (Boom Bap Professionals), 2TALL (OM UNIT/All City), DJ Matman (Dropping Science), Tha4orce, Big Smoke Magazine, numerous Hip Hop acts, UK Basketball even Russell Brand & rocking the infamous open mic "Sunday Cypher" @ the old graffed up Dragon Bar. // He went onward to give you Trackside Burners - music shows bringing that Boom Bap to make your eardrums pop. A hip hop soundscape to listen to while you spot pieces from the train window featuring music and artists from around the world listen to the podcasts here: http://bit.ly/h6luDy. // Expect a barrage of select b-boy/b-girl anthems with beats to make your neck snap. Knowledge Wisdom Understanding.Tagging your airwaves.

Podcasts: http://bit.ly/h6luDy

Venue: 93 Feet East

We are proud that 93 Feet East are letting us represent this unique night.


Please note for all that respect the venue and what they are doing for us as a culture if you are going to drop any throw ups or tags leave that for elsewhere and we can keep the rep going and bring you more good things for you - the people.


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Got the german version of the film and it's pretty good, despite my German not being great lol. Good soundtrack too.
Didn't think I'd see this on here though

Also if u like to see a good part of the Berlin metro have a look for the new 1up video
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