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I've had a couple of visits to this place recently and hope to get a few more in before the rumors of property development turn into reality. I found out about the site through this site and even though I've lived in North Devon for the best part of ten years had no idea it existed.

It is incredible that it hasn't been vandalized and that so much is still intact and just left to ruin. Makes the experience far better for me and you. I guess that local word has it that security is super tight????

Any here's some shots taken with my Sigma DP1 which is for sale (plug:) )

Hope you enjoy and maybe see you down there one day.











jez moore

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I did a two week battle camp here in 1974 when serving in the regular army, I remember we visited a REME Fording trials unit nearby, they still had WW2 DUKW and we were supposed to go out to sea in but it was too rough, also saw a Land Rover drive under water completely submerged with snorkel equipment attached to the exhaust and inlet....Happy Days!

Miss Mayhem

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Nice shots, but I agree with mrwhite you do need to add in history
Etc , and it would be nice to see some coloured pics :thumb


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A few good shots here mate, I'm on holiday at the moment in north devon and seeing this inspired me to go and take a look. Unfortunately the hole place has been flattened and replaced with many many houses.


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Good memories of this place from when i was in Sea Cadets. We rented the whole camp for a summer camp. Remember one night we thought it would be fun to pierce a glowstick and spray the liquid all over the roof and walls inside our billet. Wasnt so funny getting beasted for it after the camp police caught us lol. The Naafi was small but was well stocked.


good try,

you need location, date, some history and maybe some coloured pics???
# Example of a basic history #

Fremington Army Camp was a military camp in the village of Fremington North Devon . It was originally located there to be within easy marching distance from the railway station at the Quay.

During WW2 The site was used by the US Army's 313th Station Hospital for post-D-Day rehabilitation, with room for 2,000 patients and started receiving casualties on 20 July 1944.

It became home to the School of Combined Operations in 1946.

Later It then became home to 18 Squadron Royal Army Service Corps and its successor, 18 (Amphibious) Squadron Royal Corps of Transport.

In 2009, the camp was closed due to its severely outdated nature, and the opportunity to re-develop the land, which lay unused for nearly 20 years.

Riverside Park and Water's Edge estates now occupy the old army site. Barratt Development and Bovis Homes are the two developers.


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I did a couple of traiing exercises where we were based at Fremington in the late 90's. The facilities were awful to the point where if the showers were in use for too long the smoke alarms would go off.


Stayed there in the late 80's and it was just marginally better than living under canvas! There were a number of such camps up & down the country all in a poor state of repair when still in use.

I stayed at Princess Royal Barracks (School of Logistics) Sergeants Mess with shared mixed sex ablutions (toilets & showers) that were not that much better . At least they had hot & cold running water for a shave (and other uses ;)) in the rooms


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spent a week there with the sea cadets in the 90's. place was falling apart. surprised the NAAFI is in that good a condition still

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