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Lead or Rumour info - Frenchay Hospital, Bristol

Laurie Dear

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28DL Full Member
Has anyone heard anything about the closure of Frenchay Hospital in Bristol? I've read it's supposed to be closed in Spring 2014 and turned into flats not long after. but as for a specific date, i have yet to find this. Wondered if anyone has found this out?


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28DL Full Member
I was up there today. I have loads of pics that I will upload tomorrow
Will be interesting to see. From what I gather, some of Frenchay will be staying as a burns unit only, and the rest is moving to the new site in Southmead which opens soon.


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28DL Full Member
4 of us went up to Frenchay this afternoon (Sunday), and whilst there were lots of fences and all the major entrances are locked, the fences have massive gaps in them, and many of the smaller doors are not locked.

Most of the doors off the main corridor are locked, but some are open. The main ward block (2 floors) has one door that isn't locked and can be accessed but theres not really anything to see and is a bit of a maze - it took us a while to find the door we came in when we wanted to leave.

After an hour or so we eventually bumped into a couple of security guards and were asked to leave.

An FAQ of the sites redevelopment can be found below and would suggest that it is still in use by up to 500 staff. Some buildings/rooms we couldn't figure out if they were still in use or not. Its probably fair to assume that urbexing at Frenchay maybe isn't a great idea just yet.

Frenchay Hospital Site Redevelopment | North Bristol NHS Trust