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Report - Friars Walk, Reading - Oct 2011


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I've been after seeing this site for a number of years now and after a number of failures, and the kind offer by F&O Airsoft recently posted here (Cheers again guys), I took the opportunity to head over.

Closed in 2004 due the arrival of the Oracle shopping centre, Friars Walk was a shopping mall/walkway which used to link Friars Street to Station Street in Reading.

There are a lot of really interesting features in this place, it is surprising how mich they were able to cram into such a small amount of space.

One of the particular highlights was the ballpit/kids play area which was surprisingly large, and my pictures of it particularly crap so they won't be included here.













Full set on Flickr

Have to say it really was an awesome explore and one i've been looking at for ages. Hopefully I can get back soon and re-shoot bits like the ball pit :D I'm making arrangements to head there for some Airsoft games too as I can definitely see why they chose it, makes an awesome arena.

Finally and without trying to sound preachy, but if anyone does fancy doing this site, just give Lee or Mark at F&O Airsoft a shout. They don't bite :p In seriousness being in Reading they have enough trouble with the filth chavs making their own enterances into the site and they're trying to run a business there. They're totally cool with Explorers and happy to just open the door if you give them a shout. Would be nice to demonstrate we're not the 'filthy vandals' some sections of the media make us out to be :)

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