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Report - Friarton quarry, Perth.


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To be honest there isn't a lot to see in Perth quarry which used to produce roadstone and hardcore, the buildings and plant have been demolished just leaving a huge pit of shattered rock. But last Sunday I took a quick look into the quarry from some woods on the edge and noticed on the far side what looked like a doorway in the wall of the quarry. Taking a look this afternoon I was initially disappointed that it just seemed to be some old storage container but it turned out to be a steel blast shelter, made from about 20mm thick steel, quite an unusual feature that I hadn't seen before in a quarry. Its completely out of view to anyone who enters the quarry from the entrance, I only noticed it due to being up on the edge of the quarry. It was small with only room for one or maybe two
men, I'm not sure if it was used routinely or just there as an emergency refuge if someone didn't have time to get clear for some reason.
Do be careful in old quarries like this, they may seem relatively straightforward places to explore but can be quite as dangerous as any underground mine if not explored with due care.




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Photos never do places like this justice .

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