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Report - Friedland and Elizabeth Mill (Stockport - Reddish)


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Background Information (Both Buildings)

I don't know exactly the history behind these two buildings as I've only lived around this area for about 9 years. However, both Friedland and Elizabeth Mill have been abandoned for more than a decade now, and as a result, these buildings are often a common target for vandalism (kids sometimes break in to smash windows, throw bricks around and even set the place on fire -- see the article link on the bibliography).

This location was probably my first explore ever. I remember going in with some of my high school friends (this was around 2009) to explore what was inside. Back then, it didn't look so different - although there wasn't so much fire damage, the windows were already smashed and there's quite a lot of graffiti on the walls.

Friedland Building

If you want to know the history of this building, I'd recommend checking out an earlier explore report written by jj01404 (link in the bibliography).

Friedland Building is a four storey concrete building. From what I've read, Friedland pioneered the production of doorbells in England, but I didn't really find much material related to the production of doorbells on site. What I did find was a few rooms upstairs (which I believed used to be offices for the warehouse) and a main room on ground floor which was probably used as the assembly room for whatever they were manufacturing.

Enough of the boring stuff, here are some of the pictures I took with my (not so good) phone camera:





The image above is a building in between Elizabeth Mill and Friedland Building which I believe was used as commercial offices.

A little video I recorded from inside the building:

And another video from the top floor of Friedland:

Elizabeth Mill

Again, if you want to know the story behind this building, check out the report made by jj01404.

This building is literally next to Friedland Building, on a busy road of North Reddish. Again, this building has been abandoned for a long time - part of it has been converted into living flats (Victoria Mill).

Here are some of the pictures I took:




The staircase was certainly the most interesting part of this explore.





There seemed to be many toilet prototypes in this building. I suppose they used this site to manufacture prototypes of toilets for flats and houses... But don't take my word for it because I'm not completely sure.


Elizabeth Mill Rooftop - Best Part Of This Explore



Although you can't see it very well in the pictures above, the view from the rooftop was marvelous. You can literally see all of Stockport from there - in my opinion the best view you can get in this area!

A video from the top of the building:

PS: Shout out to @explorer1019 for exploring this place with me. He also wrote a report on this site, you guys should check it out.




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