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Report - Friedland Building, Stockport 0816


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I saw this building when working nearby a couple of years ago! It ticked a little box but was forgotten until I saw an explore of the building next door.
A boring sunday led me there for a quick Recce, my plan was for the adjacent building but after seeing this one - I had to come back!
Friedland, a mass producer of doorbells and doorway communication systems built this site in the 80's as an extension to the red bricked main building! I'm sure that Prince Charles would have disapproved of Brutalist architecture in Reddish, a place once rich in cotton mills but it did however gain some awards.
Another stir crazy sunday - I took a risk and went back. I was on call out duty but thankfully, no calls came in.
The building is very spacious and large, there is ground level which seems to be a lot of preparation areas and an upper level which I'm guessing was the assembly line. There are walkways that surrounded the entire workspace on several levels but unless they had armed guards patrolling - I didn't see their use. An exterior walkway exists at the very top but I gave that a miss as I didn't want to be seen, the building has a lot of natural light.
The place is pretty much trashed with fire damage and the copper has long since vanished. I found a cellar area which was also immense.
After getting shouted at by some kids who were asking how I got in, I decided to leave. They were likely to attract attention and I didn't want to be there for that. I had got all I wanted anyway.

On with the pics:

A drive motor for the conveyor:

Control Panel:

A Large contained conveyor belt:

Long shot of the preparation sections:

Assembly line with brightly lit offices:

Below Assembly - a loading bay perhaps?

Some kind of inspection pulpit?

Multifloor conveyor:

Heating system? With an inspection lamp!

Trash (or lazy employee) Hopper!

Electrical room! Pikied with extreme prejudice!

Instrumentation in the cellars:

Air intake - a Big one of a pair:

Coffee storage silo's?

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