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Question - "Friendly" site owners?


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I came across the site a while ago whilst researching some buildings beside the river Wye, turned out to be the Edison Swann cable works and someone had done a superb report on the building.
My reason for the post, I am a member of a small music collective. We like to make pieces of music entirely for ourselves, we don't do gigs, Facebook etc. I was wondering if anybody knew of any interesting buildings, preferably in the MIdlands, that have owners that are likely to grant access?
It is an odd request I Know, however, it is our intention to create a piece of music inspired totally by our surroundings, so we would need to get in with our instruments and make some noise. There would only be about five people present.
I did read the rules on posting and fully appreciate you're not "tourist info" site and the nature of my post is not exactly in the spirit of the site, however, We are explorers of soughts, which was why I was drawn to your site in the first place.

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If you don’t do gigs or post on social media whats the benefit of a derelict building ? Surely getting permission from a occupied building would be best. I bet NCP might help but good luck. Yeah cooling towers would be great.


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28DL Full Member
Where are you based ?
We are based in Birmingham/Worcestershire.
The cooling tower’s are a fabulous idea.

As for ‘what’s the point’, that is a good question. To a wider audience, there wouldn’t be one, but to us, making a piece of music (as long as we thought it was good) in, for example a former factory that produced good useful stuff would be great. I’d get the same tingle being in these places as you guys clearly do.

Thanks for the replies,