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Report - Friningham Manor, Kent - September 2011


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Visited with Catullus. This explore wasn’t quite what we expected!
I guess we were expecting something a bit more like Potter’s Manor, but it’s nothing like that, and so we were rather disappointed. It’s smaller, stripped (some rooms are completely bare and stripped of windows/doors etc), and there are very few objects lying around. In fact, we were left wondering why there is so much secrecy over the location as there’s nothing to steal and little left to trash (except the stained glass window). We were tempted to name the place, but I’ve stuck with convention and given it its pseudonym. It took a lot of searching to find out where this place was, and to be honest I’m not sure it was worth it!

The explore itself was also rather eventful and rushed due to some crazy man following us around. He said he was from down the road (where the lorries are parked). He got rather angry and attempted to hit my camera, which had the effect of banging it into my face, but not breaking anything. I think he thought he was intimidating, but we just found him rather funny with his big bulging eyes and little dogs following him around, so we gave him a cheerful wave as we left. He also told us that he would go and fetch some Bulgarians to chuck us out, as if we should be scared of Bulgarians for some reason. So, if you go here - Beware of the Bulgarians. You have been warned!

During the war this house was taken over by the RAF and then burnt out. It was subsequently rebuilt with modern materials – the roof is very odd and flat, and made of concrete!










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