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Report - FRINTON-ON-SEA Tower Blocks, ESSEX 05/09/18


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My first REPORT plz don't rinse me

this is a standard residential area which had scaffolding up one of the sides at the time. Frinton is a town 30 minutes away from colchester and popular seaside attraction in the summer.

It's the tallest building in Frinton town and overlooks the seaside as well as the entire town as you can see from the pictures. the tower block was actually 12-ish storeys so wasn't enormous but given the scale of the surrounding houses it appeared MASSIVE, TOWERING.

I was with 2 others and we climbed up, pretty fun and then we got to the bottom and caught by a lady who didnt believe we were apprentice scaffolders WHICH WE WERENT


The hi-vis wasn't needed but we wanted to test it out. (FOR FUN)



below is the view we got. pretty much of the entire town and farm fields outside of it.


Leave me your constructed feedback for a better report and message so we can become friends ;-) :-) I want to make friends here I'm new PLZ
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Not a bad first report, there are a few duplicates images which I suspect are down to a recent issue, I’ll edit it later for you whilst we resolve the matter.
thank you!!

and yeah I've tried editting the thread several times, previewed it and was fine but came out with duplicates still


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There’s an issue with the attachment code, should be sorted shortly, I’ll manually fix any affected threads later if they don’t correct themselves..


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Frinton was another world past the gates, (level crossing) and known as Harwich for the Continent and Frinton for the Incontinent, didn’t even have a pub. All changed now and a bit upmarket.

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