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From Post-industrial to Urban Exploration


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I'm a rather elderly explorer (in my 50s) who really enjoys exploring post-industrial spaces.

However I am pretty fit, into long-distance walking & cycling and pretty good at clambering up pretty steep banks. I have broken-in walking boots, thorn proof gloves and even a folding grappling hook with 50 foot of rope.

However I realise that I really need to up my game as I can't cross steel palisades reliably (although I know how to walk boundaries, looking for weak spots and gates) and I've yet to put together a set of reliable, robust clothing that doesn't snag so I can confidently crawl under or through things.


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Reading the forum notes, I should state where I'm based and the simplest way to do that is to say that the Thames crossing is visible from where I live and I'm close enough to visit London tomorrow for a spot of retail by wandering about by foot.


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To be fair there are plenty of industrial places to visit that don't require potential impaling! I'd suggest honing your fence vaulting skills on something a little less lethal before trying to climb that particular style of fence, I've done it hundreds of times and I still don't enjoy it!