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Lead or Rumour info - Frome tunnels


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I was doing my usual morning checks (emails, facebook, 28dl) and had an email which mentioned Frome tunnels.

I did a bit of searching on the net and had a sex wee



I then checked where Frome is and went flaccid :(

3 - 4 hour drive isn't some thing I was planning on so if anyone is a bit closer it looks sexy :thumb


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this has been on rookinella and my combined to-do list for a while.

the group that feel they have exclusive rights to it share very little (making it more fun!)

it shows how little is out there - the map and pics you have are exactly the same set that is sat on my laptop. :thumb


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well to be honest I can't see it being very epic. but could be a good day of general dicking about, getting wet, upsetting locals and having a pint or two - we could all meet up on a nice sunny day!


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Fair sized network. When I saw "Frome" I said to myself "I'm sure Styru has probably taken is inflatable in there at some point" :p:

Quite surprised it hasn't been done yet!

Finding the entrances could be fun though - Do you assume that bridge to be one?