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Report - Full Street Police Station & Magistrates Court, Derby, 2008 - 2009


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The site of the former Magistrates Court and Police Station in Derby consists of two buildings, joined by a high level walkway. To the left is the former Police station building, in the centre there is the Police recreation block and to the right is the Magistrates Courts.


The police station build was used as an administration facility and also housed a garage where Police vehicles were maintained. In addition to this it contained storage areas.

Unusually for a police station this building did not contain a custody suite, although there were cell in the neighbouring court building. ID parades were carried out here in a temporary room rather than traditional line-up room.

Another feature of the building is WB1400 nuclear attack warning system which was in use during the cold war. In the event of a nuclear attack it would be from this point that warnings would be sent throughout the city.

The police station was constructed in the 1960’s and joined to the older court building by a high level walkway. This corridor passes through the recreation block which contained a bar and kitchens to the court build beyond. Access to the court has now been bricked up.


The art-deco Magistrates Court was constructed in the 1930’s as part of the central improvement scheme in Derby. The building is currently protected and is due to be incorporated into the redevelopment of the site.


The main entrance hall retains most of the original art-deco features, including skylights which help provide natural light to the foyer. Access here leads to the main court rooms on both floors, one on the ground floor, two on the first floor. There is also a juvenile court elsewhere in the building.



The courtrooms consist of benches, seating for legal representatives and secure docks.



The secure docks all contain stairways which lead directly to the custody area and the cells.

Above the courts there is more administration facilities and a small laboratory area.


The site is currently scheduled for redevelopment as part of the Derby Riverlights project. The original plan was to restore and convert the court building and demolish the police station to allow the construction of a six storey office block. However the plans appear to be on hold at this time.


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