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Report - Fuller's Earth Works, Redhill, Surrey - April 2011


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Fuller's Earth Works is in Redhill Surrey. I went in early April but have only just written up the report, sorry! For those who haven't read about it before it was owned by laporte industries, after having a long, profitable period, the company began to lose money around 1995 and announced it would close some of it factories. As a result Fuller's was closed in 1997. After being used as a waste transfer site for a few years it's now totally derelict.

Entrance was pretty easy, they've half-heartedly put up some metal fences that are easy to squeeze around.

It's a very impressive building, almost totally metal, you can hear things creaking and dropping off as you walk around it.


I started off exploring around the outside and the first set of offices.



And then decided to embark on the main factory



The ground around it is littered with all of the pieces of the front that have fallen down, and you can see bits hanging in the wind, waiting to hit you. Finding a helmet on the ground was definitely a comfort!


What I think are kilns, as soon as you walk in.



Amazing halls just full of rusting metal.

I then really wanted to go to the top. It was a bit dodgy though, i spoke to some guys who had been wondering around and they warned me about some particular steps. It was a bit daunting to put my full weight on metal that had been rusting through for so long but it seemed to work out fine, gave me a bit of a thrill!

It was somewhat difficult to get up!


But an amazing view


After scaling the main building I went into some of the old offices and what looked like a bar on the way out, the state of the ceilings was quite amazing.



This placed really impressed me and is well worth going to. It's pretty big with a lot of other buildings surrounding it so there's a great deal to explore. I took loads of photos but didn't want to bore people, if you would like to see more I put some extras up on flickr

Thanks for reading!


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