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Report - Fullers Earthworks Redhill - January 2018

The Explorer Returns

28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member
I think it's safe to say, this park of Fullers Earthworks is more of a ruin now. One part has been burnt down and the other part has decayed to the max.
HISTORY: I won't bother boring you with the history as everyone knows it now.
EXPLORE: To be honest I didn't even know this part of the site existed until I spotted it on google maps so I thought I would return for a revisit as see if what I saw where buildings. I was right but there isn't much left of them now.




grumpy sod
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I'm amazed Fullers is still standing - just. I suppose the owners - who want to expand the adjacent landfill site onto the land currently occupied by the decrepit structures - will never reach an agreement with the locals whose houses border the land and so it just sits in a half demolished limbo battered to all hell by everything.

It was the third location I ever explored, I can remember it back then when there was only one tag in the entire factory and there had been almost no metal stripping...

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