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Report - Fullers Earthworks, Redhill - May 2019

Chloe Explores

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With my boyfriend and @Lewis Merrin .

So after doing multiple locations in Surrey we drove past Fullers Earthworks. We knew the place was in the process of demolition a while ago and we have been curious to see what’s left for ages. We have all been here before many times so we wasn’t fussed on what was left to be honest. Out of curiosity we decided to have a little snoop at the demolition site on Fullers. There wasn’t anything really left from what we could see from the fence by the actual site. We wasn’t too fussed to go over that fence as number one, we saw somebody in the caravan and two there wasn’t anything to actually look at. We was just way to drained from a sick day of exploring to even bother going any further! I took a few pictures through the fence.....






surrey urbanex

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28DL Full Member
wow didnt think it would go that fast was a fun old place i liked it there it was one of my first explores years ago do you mind if i repost these on my page i`ll credit you ive got a few members on here gone to my pages as well so they can verify. Awesome pics tho i knew that conrete center would slow them down is it worth a drone flight

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