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Report - Fullers Earthworks, Redhill, Surrey- October 2018

Tom Ellis

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28DL Full Member
I've been wanting to go to this place for sometime now. I love photography and abandoned buildings and this place just looked incredible. I had briefly been up to the site on my way to Tonbridge Wells in mid August to scout the place out and look out for things like security and how to get in. I only had my phone so I just took a few pictures, found a hidden way in on the north end of the site and left. After my friend heard about the site from me he decided to travel up himself on a bank holiday Monday towards the end of August to check it out. Unfortunately for him, he was immediately greeted by guards with their furry friends who told him to leave the premises immediately and in which he did without hesitation.
When he got home me and my friend Joe heard all about it and it just made us want to go more.
Finally, I got my replacement camera and we took the train up to Redhill. We walked up the winding roads up to the field next to the site, turned on my GoPro and went in.

At first we took it super cautiously, because of the stories we heard from our friend but about 20 minutes in we met another urban explorer and then another 20 minutes a group of 3 turned up with their drones. Turns out, there wasn't any security at all. The biggest threat was couple of guys that turned of to play airsoft at the site. Thank fuck for sundays.

So the site itself contains 3 building: the main factory complex aswell as a community center and a canteen for the workers. These buildings contained a lot of old rusting machinery, 3 separate roof locations with fantastic views, some actually decent graffiti, some great corridors for photography, fire damage, rust decay and some fantastic photo locations. If you're looking for somewhere abandoned to go for a first urbexing trip or whether you've been to a thousand locations and you're looking for somewhere new to explore I would totally recommend the trip to this place.
Hope you enjoy my first post, I'll be happy to answer any questions about this place.

GoPro footage:


surrey urbanex

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28DL Full Member
The 3 people you saw was poss us & surrey via drone we have pics of you guys from the air round the front area by the main drive thought id seen that bag before.

surrey urbanex

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28DL Full Member
Yeah, I totally remember you guys, got many pictures of you and your drone aswell haha
I was gonna go up and have a final look from the ancient wood next field over from fullers but i dont really want to if ya no what i mean. Ive got 100s of hours of video from time lapses i geocached all over the site mainly sunrises and sunsets and the occasional police helecopter usually g-polh comin to say christ are you back already lol

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