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Report - - Fuster Distillery, Santa Margalida, Majorca, Spain - Summer 08 | European and International Sites |

Report - Fuster Distillery, Santa Margalida, Majorca, Spain - Summer 08

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28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member
The cold weather has had be browsing my summer explores today rather than braving the outdoors to find new ones!

Came upon this abandonded Distillery in Majorca in the summer. No sign of any stills inside, it was only the big lettering on the front that told me it was a distillery. Main highlight was the climbable chimney!


Most of the inside of the main buildings were empty, save a tramps bed

More interesting was the various mechanisation in the grounds


The chimney was huge and looked really old,

I looked inside the opening at the bottom and found a ladder of sorts running all the way up the inside.


The climb was very unpleasant due to the extreme heat and dust/bird shit, and if I'd seen this crack before I might have had second thoughts! I didn't reach all the way up to the top as being dressed in shorts and flip flops nerves got the better of me.


Finally the random knackered chair shot

and some interesting building techinques:

A very hot but interesting explore, very glad to hit the beach and cool down in the sea afterwards!

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