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Report - Futurist Theatre, Scarborough - October 2015

Andy the Spicy Egg

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Built in 1921, the Futurist Theatre was a theatre and cinema in Scarborough, England. The large auditorium has a seating capacity of 2155 people – the twelfth largest in the UK.

Originally opening as a cinema, the stage was extended in 1958 to allow live performances at the venue. The Beatles performed twice in 1963-4 and many other large shows were staged there.

Then and now - how much nicer was that exterior before the cladding!​

The local council took over the theatre in the 1980s and leased the premises to Apollo Leisure until 2002. The lease was then taken over by the same owners of the nearby Hollywood Plaza cinema, who fully refurbished the theatre, installed new projectors, sound system and screen.

By 2013 the theatre was struggling and the leaseholder pulled out. The council were unable to find another operator, forcing the Futurist to close in January 2014.

The old exterior is still there, hidden behind the awful cladding.



28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member
Nicely done as usual mate :thumb
TBH most of Scarborough could do with cladding, once you look above the flashy lights it"s all :turd

Nice to see again as i think there"s only me that didn"t manage to get in here, thanks to those Pesky Druggie Kids :mad:

It seems not much has changed over the last year, thankfully. Unlike Pontefract Cinema that got Whore"d out for likes :wanker

Oxygen Thief

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Wow, that's immense. That cladding ! It's disgusting, and thanks for showing us that the original facade is still there.


28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member
this place has been sealed again since this report, I took a 200 mile round trip last night to find out. well done @AndyK