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Report - Fuyuan Road and Heishipu bridges, Changsha, China - Nov/Dec 2014

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The Xiang river flows north through Hunan province in Southern China before joining the Yangtze, of which it's one of its largest tributaries.

Seven bridges cross it in the central area of Changsha, with at least two worthy of closer inspection.

Fuyuan Road bridge​


This was completed in 2012 and features "X-type" arches which lift the structure. Total length is 3.5km and span 2.3km. It's 31.5 metres wide and perhaps around the same from arch apex to road. The builders have kindly included ladders and safety rails within scrambling distance of the road barrier.


Set off by bicycle before first light and despite there being a few folk about en route, the bridge's footpath was empty as far as the surrounding fog. Selected an arch base that was not lit up with a spotlight, though by this time it was getting light and traffic was starting to use the bridge, and chained up the bike.

A break in traffic was the cue - stepped on the barrier, shimmied up a pipe, grabbed the ladder and suddenly climbing. To the top for a couple of photos - was peaceful up there in the mist, then down in the now full daylight and mounting traffic.




Heishipu bridge​


Built in 2004, this 3km motorway bridge carries 6 lanes of traffic on the Changsha Ring Expressway (South).

The bridge is similar in shape to the previous one, but the arches are tubular and straight/parallel, and there's no handrail.

The pedestrian footpath doesn't seem to be in use - it's dusty and neglected and only accessed via a concrete stairway inside the entrance to a cement works.


Another dawn raid - the ladders made climbing easy but felt completely exposed as again by the time of arrival it was light. Luckily road traffic was quiet, though not on the river.


Fired off some shots. It was a bit less foggy this time, but still cloudy - there are few glorious sunrises round here.



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