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Report - Gaewern Slate Mine, Abercorris, Dec17


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Top day out with @monk and @EOA

Not the biggest explore but a good un non the less.

Fun, sketchy climb down. Then a mine beer followed by some poor efforts at pumping HMS Derpy McDerpyface 200 up. Some fucking about in the dinghy. Snaps. Climb back out and off to the pub for my works Xmas do.

Grand day out.​


Quarrying developed in the south of the county in the Corris area. There had been a quarry at Aberllefenni since around 1500, but quarrying started at Gaerwen in 1820 and Braich Goch around 1830 and at Abergynolwyn about 1847. From 1865, slates were transported from this quarry on the Tal-y-llyn Railway. A railway for carrying slate was also built at Corris as well.
Gaewern Slate Quarry was amalgamated with Braichgoch Slate Quarry and Abercorris Slate Quarry in 1901

From various people I've heard the cars were dumped by a local company who recovered and scrapped the vehicles from RTA's on the cheap for the council.


We knew we were in the right place when we saw a few mangled cars in the overgrowth

Once we were in we came to this and soon realised that we needed to get down to where you can see that rusted drum. Excellent.

The rope we had was purely for recovering and manoeuvring the dingy. Alas we didn't fancy total death so we opted to lash it up as a just incase, it has to be better than nothing rope. Then when i cut it we realised it was simply tissue paper rolled up. Ideal for digging out them hard to get bogies after a day on the shot blaster. Not ideal for saving my fat arse from falling to a slate induced death. Oh well.

We managed to get down quite easily as it turned out, with all of our gear and proceeded to wander through into the "Cavern of lost SOULS" fuck offffffff.

we were greeted by some really cool things like this wooden bogey, trolley and rusted teapot.

Then it dawned on us this was the place where dinghies come to die, and we probably made the right choice to bring a spare.

So we inflated well @EOA inflated the vessel whilst myself and @monk enjoyed our mine beers.

@EOA took to the water like a natural bobbed around a bit before we headed over to the pile of scrap.

Ford Corsair
Mk2 cortina estate
Triumph 2000 mk1
triumph toledo mk1
mini van
mk1 zodiac
mk1 capri

Enough messing about, time to head out.

Looking back up at where we needed to climb

Obligatory group shot

Light at the end of the tunnel

Out of here



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A great set of snaps, chap - some nice perspectives :thumb - I especially like the one of the dinghies looking out on the scrap pile with monk and I on it.

We definitely need something now with even more shenanigans!

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Another set of amazing shots. Love it. Dinghys look so cool. I really would love to do that. But frigging hell those rocks scare the living crap out of me lol. More great reflection shots, & love the hats guys pmsl :p:D

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