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Report - Gaewern Slate Mine, Wales, Dec 17


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Another great trip underground with EOA and Albino J, ive wanted to see this for a while now as being underground is cool, but with the added bonus of old school cars thrown in [literally] is really cool.

I think most people have seen the pictures of the cars, myself included, but I wasnt fully updated with the rest of the actual mine, as mines go its small, still nice but small,, apart from the climb down that's big.

With nothing more than a coupe of bits of string wrapped around some wet wipes [no joke] we spent abit of time debating our next actions, was it worth a free climb down, relying only on string and wet wipes to save the day should the worse happen? of course it was, we cracked on with no more hesitations,all of us glad that we didnt have to loose a bit of face.

once at the bottom we made our way along the passage to the pool, its from here you can look across and see the cars on the other side, for some that's enough, but no within minutes the dingy was out and being pumped up by the other two, i sat on a rock with a beer laughing at albinos pound land pump, bit of a nob really, considering he'd just given me one of his beers, luckily Eoa had a real pump and the job was done before night fall.

we spent a good couple of hours down by the pool and cars, unfortunately it was raining so anything more than a foot down in the water you couldnt see due to the rain disturbing the water in the pool, once we'd all got our shots and played in the dingys we packed up and made our way back up to the climb.

Up top we got a few more shots, smug in the fact that no one had paralyzed themselves or worse on the wall, A top day out with great company.

Rigging up "the rope"

If you fall back you're dead,,, if you fall forward... you're probably dead



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Awesome report of the day’s shenanigans. Brilliant snaps too.

I felt perfectly safe standing on that edge messing about with the tissue cover in wet wipes that was pretending to be a rope, but it looks a lot more like death from the snaps!


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That pump was shocking at least I left it there as a back up pump for other non goons. Top stuff mate love the colours on some of them shots.

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