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Hello there, I hadn't seen a thread here on gaming so thought is start one, my two main interests are obviously abandoned things and gaming, I've gamed since I can remember and still do today. My fave game series of all time has to be Fallout, I love apocalypse scenarios and exploring I'm a huge RPG fan purely because of exploration. Are there any gamers here? If so what's your faves and why?


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Another one for fallout here!

That and 'The last of us' that shit took you on an emotional ride and gave you the exploration anyone would want.

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Yep love stalker fallout resi silent hill loads of rpg and mmo like wow guild wars diablo etc looking forward to star wars battlefront and fallout 4. So yea guess I'm a gamer lol


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Have to agree with Fallout, also the first 2 Silent Hill games were ace they don't make em like that anymore, and Resident Evil was ace before it went all ridiculous