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28DL and UE in the News Gang breaks into power station - Greenock Telegraph 18/07/12

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The Greenock Telegraph have done an article on our Inverkip Derpstep video. There are some comedy statements as ever :rolleyes:

They've used three screenshots from the video, without permission, which was filmed by myself and edited by Fishbrain and myself.


Click for full size​

A GANG of masked intruders broke into a disused power station and filmed a spoof pop video for a daredevil website stunt.

The group managed to get past round-the-clock security guards and gain access to Inverkip Power Station - before filming a cheeky two-and-a-half minute film inside the facility.

The video has attracted thousands of views on YouTube but the pranksters' actions have been slammed by power station bosses.

The footage shows the hooded group of eight men dancing around the control room waving instruction manuals and fluorescent safety cones before carrying out a conga along a gangway high in the power station.

The youngsters have also filmed themselves making their way across the roof of the station, with its distinctive chimney in the background.

In a final poke at the authorities, one man stands and 'rave dances' on top of two pipes with his face covered by a scarf.

A link to the video and information on the security breach has been posted on a specialist website 28daylater.co.uk after the break-in.

The forum allows people to post details and images of 'explorations' of deserted urban structures, such as disused army bases and derelict buildings.

Its members break into facilities like old hospitals, decommissioned military bases and closed leisure centres, taking pictures of their abandoned interiors and posting them for visitors to the site to comment on.

A ScottishPower spokesperson said the actions at the power station, where there was a gas explosion last month, said: "These people are lucky not to have been injured, and even more fortunate not to have been caught and reported to the police.

"We have a 24-hour security presence at Inverkip Power Station and will always report intruders to the police.

"As a disused industrial building, it is full of dangers to someone who doesn't know what they are doing, and this is why we have a strong security presence.

"It is not worth risking injury or arrest to try and gain access."

The incident comes after a group of youths calling themselves Urban Exploration posted footage of various break-ins at Inverkip Power Station.

Another man dressed up as an alien to pose in the power station control room in a separate post.

On the videos, the boys hide their faces with scarves while being filmed ignoring warning signs - including one cautioning against radiation - to take a tour of the site.

The station is owned by ScottishPower and was mothballed in 1988 as part of the strategic reserve, although demolition work is ongoing in a bid to create hundreds of new homes on the site.

The station has the third tallest chimney in the UK and is Scotland's tallest free-standing structure.



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lol seen this on gones fbook funny as fuck reading it cant stop laughing


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Right in response to "Gang breaks into power station"

Can I just remind you that we do not condone criminal acts.

I personally feel that the full force of the law should be thrown at people that commit criminal acts like the one in the article.

(I refer, of course, to your dancing - 15-20 years hard labour for that I'd say :rolleyes:)

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a group of youths calling themselves Urban Exploration
Trawl youtube, facebook, find article, ignore the context, cut, paste, instant news !

the usual retarded dross by incompetent journalists.

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Subscriber only content on the Greenock Telegraph website :eek: Bet that's a great moneyspinner for them :wanker

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We ALL know who these peeps are Greenock Telegraph, so nnaa naaaa naaaaa naaa nnnnaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!! :p:

And for the record as well you set of idiots, we "dont break in" anywere!!!!! :crazy


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I like the spin they have put on it with regards to the masked up gang thing. If they knew us they would understand.


[A GANG of masked intruders broke into a disused power station]

:rolleyes: 'Gained access by non-destructive methods' does not sell papers.

["and this is why we have a strong security presence.]

:wanker Not very good at it are they?

["It is not worth risking injury or arrest to try and gain access."]

:confused On what charge?
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