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Danny Willis

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28DL Member
I've found one of the mines in the woods. It's flooded upto around knee hight will post pics soon.

It's around 15 foot long and has a left turn then is bricked up. Will post pics soon .


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As in Greno woods? Get some photos up! Think there might be something similar in Rivelin. Theres an adit cut into the bank of the river running parallel with it. Needs investigating.

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Just seen this from a while ago @tucker - did you ever go back? I went in one evening and took a few pics but only had crap light with me. It’s been blocked off now...

In fact I’ve just found this info on what it was: http://rivelinvalley.org.uk/trail/spooners_tunnel.pdf

Might see if I can find my pics again.

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