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Report - Gaping Gill, Yorkshire Dales - 24.05.09


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The Info
Gaping Gill is perhaps Britain's most famous and most complex cave systems.
From the moor on the flanks of Ingleborough in the Yorkshire Dales, Fell Beck plunges 105 metres (360 feet) into the Main Chamber; Britain's biggest known cave chamber.

Every year, non-cavers have the chance to see a truly awe- inspiring underground scene; the Main Chamber of Gaping Gill. As well as being Britain's biggest known cave chamber, the water from Fell Beck landing on the chamber floor is Britain's highest unbroken waterfall. Descending the 105m Main Shaft (Britain's deepest surface shaft) is an experience never forgotten. The Chamber is floodlit, allowing the public and cavers alike a view not normally available outside winch meets.

The Experience
Myself and Turkey set of from our Bradford base very early on Sunday morning in an attempt to beat the crowds and avoid a long wait.
We had an epic fail straight away though, when my car wouldn't start :rolleyes:
So Turkey had to drive, not ideal because he had a bigger hangover than me from our epic Beer and Curry mission the previous night.

A good run up to Clapham in the Yorkshire Dales and we off into the hills in good time.
The scenery was truly breath taking and the one hour trek up into the hills was an very enjoyable.
Finally reaching the Bradford Pothole Club base camp near the bottom of Ingleborough, we we're surpried how busy it already was.
They had only been winching for 30 mins, but we were told it would be a one hour wait.
Anyway two and a half hours later! We were stood ready to finally take the 360 feet/66 second plunge.

I think the pictures probably speak for themselves, so all I need to say is that it was definately worth the wait.
The only downside was how wet it was down there - Cameras and water don't really mix :(
I was having to wipe my lens in between each shot and my Lowepro was soaked from the spray during the winch journey.
We had a good hour down there before being thrown back up into the daylight.
We both kept our cameras out for the walk back down to just dry them out in the sun :D
So it was an epic experience, good weather and a great day out was had by all.

Up the Valleys on the journey to Gaping Gill

Turkey suited and booted

Turkey about to take the 360 feet winch plunge

Just stunning!

The twin Waterfalls had us on moisture watch

Trying to grasp the scale of it!

Self portrait time - it had to be done

Leaving the Base Camp after an epic experience

The lonely Cloud shot - Taken while my Camera was drying out lol