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Report - Garnett's Cabinet Works Update, Warrington, March 2012


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This is by no means the first report on this place and is just an update really, so if you don't mind I'll skip the history lesson.

Myself and my good friend ThatPrisky were on a big Warrington explore and we popped in, to find what was mostly disappointment unfortunately.
The warehouse itself is, to most, inaccessible now. All of the internal entrances through the multiple out-buildings are heavily bricked up.
There is a way in, but it involves a large and highly exposed climb up spaced brickwork and would attract some pretty negative attention when attempted, so we had to leave that - not that I'm sure I could actually do it, the gaps are minuscule and the grip is shall we say, limited.

We did of course give the main out-building a good explore, it is in critical condition and the upper floors are not for the heavy footed!


This room was full of empty weed bags and scented candles...

Never have I distrusted a staircase this much...

One of the many bricked up entrances in the bottom left there.

More impassible doorways... :(

A typical upper level corridor, the floor was mostly absent...

The roof in many places.

If you have a particular hatred for concrete bricks, own a sledge hammer and don't mind the massive probability of being caught... Well I'm not suggesting anything but I can't say I'd mind... :banghead didn't work, too strong for my head.

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