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Report - Garthland House Lochwinnoch Aug 2012


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Visited with Scattergun

Nice explore but did have a bit of a weird feel to the place (felt as tho it was going to come down at any minute for some reason !!)

The chapel is lovely, the old building is fcuked and to be honest is a mess.

After bit more mooching around we found a way into the art deco style building......... each floor is just rooms with old furniture stored in it.

Nice stairwells but not much else I`m afraid..............

The purpose of the visit was the chapel....... so everything else was a bonus

bit of history

GARTHLAND House, on the outskirts of Lochwinnoch, was one of Renfrewshire's most majestic mansions. The greyish-pink Tudor-style architecture of the two-storey building was enhanced by a pillared porch, elegant stairway, ivy-clad walls, pedimented portico, soaring chimneys, sloping roof and exquisitely-carved dormer and bay windows.

Built in 1796 by David King for wealthy land-owner James Adam, Garthland was embowered by beautiful gardens embellished by manicured lawns, gravel paths, sprawling rhododendrons, towering conifers and fragrant flowers and herbs.

Sadly the historic house is now but a shell of its former self. Today it lies derelict, abandoned and boarded-up in woodlands now overgrown and neglected.

A three-storey dormitory block was added in 1936 followed by a beautiful brick-red chapel in 1943. Both the sleeping quarters and the chapel can still be seen today although, like the house, they have fallen into disrepair and are but fragments of their former selves.









didnt really take much worth keeping of the rest of the place



Cheers :thumb

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