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Report - Gartloch Hospital/Asylum May 2014 Gartloch, Glasgow, Scotland

Lee Freeman

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Opened 1889, Closed 1996

Gartloch Hospital is located on the Gartloch Road near the village of Gartcosh. It was closed in 1996 after serving patients for 100 years as a hospital. It is now in the process of being redeveloped into a "luxury village".

Gartloch Timeline:
1889: Gartloch Estate was bought by the City of Glasgow for nearly £8,600 for the Glasgow District Lunacy Board to build an asylum for the poor people of the city.

1896: The first patients were admitted. 540 beds.

1899: The average number of patients resident in the asylum during the year was 465 and comprised 236 males and 229 females.

1902: A tuberculosis sanitorium was opened. It closed after World War II. During the War, Gartloch was transformed into an Emergency Medical Services hospital. Psychiatric patients were transferred to other hospitals and a number of “temporary” hutted wards built.

1904: 830 beds.

1948: Gartloch joined the National Health Service and was placed under the Board of Management for Glasgow North-Eastern Mental Hospitals.

1974: When the Greater Glasgow Health Board was created in 1974 Gartloch was placed within the Eastern District.

1990: 530 beds.

1993: Gartloch was under the Greater Glasgow Community and Mental Health Services NHS Trust.

1996: Gartloch Hospital closed.

2003: Development work to turn Gartloch into a luxury village begins.


I need to go back to gartloch and get more pictures as I don't have many :)

Will Knot

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Went there last week on a 'school' day...very nice, a wee bit wrecked now tho', bet it was something else in its day :thumb

Lee Freeman

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There are security but only a quick visit, I've been there a few times now and not seen any :)