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Question - Gas Detector Parameters


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Hello all,

I'm currently working on a mapping project in a very extensive mine, basically no accurate maps exist (even abandonment plans are severely lacking detail), so I'm undergoing the process of producing it myself with a good chunk done already. It's rather well known and reported on, and it seems most reports barely scratch the surface in terms of its extent.

As I go deeper, the risks get greater, and this has me thinking about the silent killer - gas.

I know the general risks about mines and the various gases that can accumulate. Basically, I'm sticking with atmospherically safe (safer than coal mines anyway) minerals like limestone. Think of your solid rocks for building purposes that are basically unreactive.

Now, if my understanding is correct, in such environments you won't get a significant amount of carbon monoxide, methane, hydrogen sulphide etc due to a lack of blasting, incomplete burning and the unreactive geology. It seems that only a buildup of carbon dioxide or a drop in oxygen can prove fatal in such places. Therefore, if I stick to such unreactive environments, can I get away with just a simple oxygen detector instead of a kitted-to-the-teeth 4X gas detector that costs a bomb?

Obviously if I take this further into other mines their history might not be so well documented and I could encounter various gases and would warrant a 4X gas detector.

Would like to hear your thoughts.


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You should be fine with an O2 meter - just be wary of rotting timbers depleting the O2 and poor ventilation in blind headings.

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