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Report - Gas Holder, Ashford, Kent - April 2013


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It was very hard to find any information on this gas holder anywhere online so if anyone could shed some light on it that would be great. What I do know is that this was erected in 1966 by order of the South East Gas board for supply of the town’s gas. With a cubic capacity of 28,315m

I had got together with the usual suspects:- Space Invader, Wevsky, Hermy and Trav and went to have a look at this gas holder.

When we arrived we were surprised at how well secured the parameter was and remembered that not too long back there had been writers in the grounds. As we walked the parameter we realized just how busy the road was with police driving past every 5 or so minutes and with us having no reason to be on the road. We identified a possible way in and waited for a break in the traffic.

One by one we made our way into the adjoining site and started to move across a large section of waste land taking cover behind what little equipment and rubble there was. We then made our way round through an open gate which leads to the railway property and tracks for the high speed link and so quickly made our way back into the bushes. The fence was secure all around and had 3 runs of razor wire on top of the palisade we had to compete with. Eventually we found a suitable point and climbed over the fence. Once over the fence and at the base of the gas holder we realised just how much they didn’t want us up there. There was a large mesh gate just after the first flight of stairs which blocked a further two flights. The holes in the mesh were two small to grip and there was no way around.

At this point we retreated with a better plan for when we returned.

A few weeks later we returned to the gas holder and again worked our way onsite. With some carefully engineered equipment (we made on our lunch break) We managed to climb the mesh onto the steps then climb to the top. This was harder than imaginable as we were in clear view of the road and the climb although only small was not short. At this point the police were driving up and down the road repeatedly passing us every couple of minutes.

We finally reached the top and began taking our shots. After about 15 minutes the police pulled up by our access point under some trees and turned off their lights. Had they seen us?

Within minutes the railway security began to drive around each entrance to the tracks around Ashford international with large search blasters checking the gates and rails.

An hour passed and the checks had been done while we laid flat on the gas holder watching the commotion below. The po-po eventually left after patrolling the road another couple of times. Getting down was quicker than getting up and we quickly disappeared another way back to the car.

Not the highest but probably one of the most exciting and memorable climbs I have done.








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