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Report - Gas works Reading February 2017

jack watkins

28DL Full Member
this was awfully hard to get into and very debatable as to whether it was actually worth it. upon going down to the bottom floor my friend went to go open a door and says "hey jack shine your light through there something squishy is behind the door". after this we started to hear movement and voices which prompted us to run up to the top floor of the building where we got in to get out asap. my friend jumps down fine and starts to run off, i turn my back to see a very dirty looking man come through the door and glare at me. he shouts "hey matt they're over here" suggesting matt was the person behind the door. stupidly i say "are you exploring or...." then not wanting to get robbed i jumped out falling badly and cutting myself up and if it wasnt for my bag i would have likely got a nasty head injury. i got up and began to run and just as we approach the concrete barrier we got in over a police van and a car turn up and around 5 officers get out and start to question us.

bigger fools us really the amount of needles and the tent out the front should have screamed squatters but oh well it made for an experience.


28DL Full Member
Apart from the fact that this isn't the gas works but in fact the Kodak film processing labs, sounds like a pretty eventful night. Have to say I have never been disturbed once whilst visiting but I refuse to go here now as it is full of little kids throwing stuff around thinking they are cool. Oh boy time to find another local location...

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