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Report - Gasometer - Redhill - March 2013


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This is my first gasometer report, and I'm absolutely in love with these old, a bit rusty, cylindrical metal structures :)

I decided to give it a go after spending 8 hours in the office first, then 6 hours in the pub, working for my friend:) Pub was so boring, deja vu ever few minutes, the same faces, drinks and not so funny jokes :) and few weirdos which is typical for a quiet Tuesday night. But the night went pretty quick, after exchanging some gossip with regulars, eating loads of cheesy chips with mayo and having (of course) few, free :D drinks I was on my way to Redhill.
It was actually the third time I tried to climb this gasometer, first time got there too late in the morning, and thought that I'm invisible while climbing, which didn't work out well because I got busted by some locals. Second time, I went there night time, climb it and didn't take any decent pictures :) So this time must have been lucky. Night was a bit chilly, dry and not so windy. When I got to Redhill the weather changed all of the sudden and it started snowing, lucky for me only for 10 minutes :). I parked my car and headed towards gas holder just to notice a group of local teenagers decided to have a meet up just right next to it, grrrr, I really didn't want to give up this time, so completely ignored them, hopped over the fences and started climbing it...
Attached my camera to the top ladder, even found a quite cosy place to sit on and I was all ready to take pics:)Also spent some time waiting for the train to go pass (unlucky didn't know the Redhill train times :) after few minutes up there I started sneezing so badly, so every second picture was blurred.

I tried to find a bit history of the gas holder, the only info I found is that disused gasometer is to be recommissioned...

Pics here - still learning and keep forgetting what I learned :









and the train!!!





and I spent ages trying to take this pic and of course had to choose the worst spot with the lamp right behind me hahhaah


and this is pic from my first visit there in January

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