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Report - Gasworks St. Gas Holder - Huddersfield - Feb 2012


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with millhouse and tweek


Despite their otherworldly appearance, a gasholder is a relatively simple beast. Pump gas in, fill it up, pump gas out. This ancient trick was working well until around 20 years ago, when it became apparent that there was sufficient chem-eng knowhow to get the same amount of gas contained in a 6 million cubic foot gas holder into about 200 ft of pipe. This, and their expensive cost of maintenance means it won't be long before most of the unlisted gas holders have been pulled, and I think we'll be worse off for it. Those classic cagey silhouettes will be replaced with more glass/steel offices and car parks, and the young kids of tomorrow will have lost another thing to gawp at through car windows and go 'dad... whats that?' at.

T'other week, me, millhouse and tweek went to look at one in Huddersfield. The site, now owned by Transco used to contain more holders, and this is the only one that remains (its 5 million cubic foot capacity still used to help iron out the peaks and troughs in the gas demand in winter). It's well maintained, if a little rusty, and provided a nice little climb (even if the views of east Huddersfield were a little lacking...)










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